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Concealed Blinds

Concealed blind box is ideal for situations where space is limited.

Recessed Roller Blinds

Recessed roller blinds look very minimal when the blinds are down.

Blinds for Bi-folds

Blind Box is ideal when fitting blinds for bi-fold doors.

Blind Box

Blind Box is ideal for frameless glass as it doesn't spoil the effect of the window.

Hidden Blinds

Hidden blinds are great as when they are up they disappear into the reveal or ceiling.

Blinds for Sliding doors

Using blind box when fitting blinds for sliding doors can help eliminate issues such as handles clashing with the fabric.

Recessed Blind Box

Recessed blind box is not only functional but also aesthetically looks great.

Hidden roller blinds

Hidden roller blinds can add value to high end residential property's.

Blind box for Resi

Blind Box is great for use in new build houses or extension projects.

Blind box for office

Blind Box is a fantastic option for office fitouts as it gives you uniformity throughout an commercial building.

Recessed Blinds

Recessed blinds look the part as the roller tube is hidden within the ceiling or reveal.

Concealed Blind Box

Concealed Blind Box is suitable for all areas, from bedroom to living to bathrooms.



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