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Support Brackets

We have a range of brackets for our blind box profile, ensuring that we have something to offer for every situation.


We have 2 modular transitions that allow you to recess our blind box into a ceiling or reveal or for use with a suspended ceiling set up.

Blind Brackets

Our universal speed clips have been designed to be compatible with most brands and styles of blinds. Simply clip them into the channels.


Whether its to aid installation or to organise electrical wires we have a range of accessories on hand to assist..

Bracket Types

1. Suspension Bracket
2. Soffit Bracket
3. Face Fixed Bracket
4. Extended Suspension Bracket
5. Offset Bracket

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Bulkhead Scenario

This drawing shows an example set up for recessing our Perimeos Main Profile into a typical bulkhead. Items used are:

1. Main Profile Standard
2. Closure Flap
3. Plain Transition
4. Horizontal Drylining Transition
5. Universal Speed Clip

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