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Q. Can I fit any brand of blind?
A. Yes! By using the Universal SpeedClip™ Bracket you can fit any brand of blind into the perimeos box.

Q. At what stage can I fit the blind?
A. The closure flap is designed to be removable so that you can fit the blind at any time during installation.

Q. Can I cut the box myself?
A. Yes by using a Sliding Mitre Saw with a 305mm diameter blade and a cut depth of at least 100mm you can cut the box to your desired length.

Q. What is the biggest blind drop that the profile can fit?
A. For main profile, up to a 4m blind, for Lite profile, up to a 3m blind. If more is required than the box can be extended using the extension profiles.

Q. Can I return products?
A. Products can be returned as long as they are within the 30 day time period and have not been cut or damaged. Buyers responsibility to ensure they are packaged suitably for us to collect via carrier.

Q. Can I fit motorised blinds?
A. Yes! Our box can be used with either a motorised or manual roller blind system without any adaption.

Q. Can I join lengths together?
A. Yes! By using our splice plates you can join lengths of box together if your opening is larger than 3m.

Q. What is it made out of?
A. All our extrusions are made out of aluminium.

Q. What is the average lead time?
A. 5-7 working days for stock items. Custom options/cut to length may take longer.

Q. Do you sell vertical drylining?
A. Our vertical drylining is only available to large commercial projects although if you are creating a bulkhead corner you can use plain transition as shown here.



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